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Healthcare-oriented furniture and workplace ergonomics

We are Marketing Professionals... primarily a manufacturer's representative entity serving the upper great plains area. We specialize in representing manufacturers who produce furniture that provides extraordinary value to the user, with superior design and engineering approaches that enrich environments years or even generations after the original acquisition.

With an education in journalism and the sciences, and a background in technical publications, engineering support  and marketing communications management with an electronics manufacturer, then marketing communications and marketing management with a Fortune 500 office furniture manufacturer, care-giving led to the desire to office closer to home, resulting in this company. 

We founded the company to do marketing and management consulting; it evolved into a manufacturer's representative firm. I have been a manufacturer's representative for about 15 years, as principal of the company. When consulting, we have worked with a limited number of clients at any one time. We worked as partners with the client, learning their business and understanding the underlying causes for their perceived needs. In representing manufacturers, we have always worked with very few manufacturers: people in whom we believe, who produce high-quality products that can be instrumental in solving the client's core needs. Most of our manufacturers have welcomed our design and marketing inputs, sometimes on an official consulting basis, sometimes less formally. We work closely with our clients and, again, try to help them resolve their underlying problems with solutions that endure.

The products we  represent  provide strong ergonomic and economic advantages, and relate directly to health care providers and other institutional users.

I spend significant discretionary time working with people who have workplace induced injuries, and find their improvement gratifying, and working with individuals and organizations interested in reducing or preventing these difficulties. I have presented my ergonomic concepts to groups ranging from very large (~1100 in attendance) to very small, with highly positive reception, and enduring change reported from those attending. 

Thank you for taking the time to look this page over; you might well  find some useful ideas here. We welcome your comments, criticisms, feedback.



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Wieland Loop Lobby Installation
Wieland Loop seating and tables in a hospital waiting area
Since the 1970's, Wieland has been in the business of manufacturing furniture that surpasses expectations for superior design, durability and comfort.

Today, Wieland furniture is in everyday use with far-sighted organizations nationwide, including leading health care providers, offering welcoming aesthetics now, and ensuring  long-lasting durability for generations to come. 

Every Wieland product is protected with a lengthy (as long as 25 years, depending on the specific design) warranty that covers the entire product, even warranting the cushioning foam against breakdown - losing its shape or sagging - for the life of the warranty. 

Wieland people are extraordinarily committed to their craft;, their integrity is unsurpassed. Their products perform, exceeding Wieland commitments and client expectations.

Sauder manufactures similar furniture, with the same commitments; products from Sauder are directed primarily toward institutions of higher education.

Wieland Autumn dining room seating and tables
Wieland Autumn seating and tables in a multi-use area
Wieland furniture is available in a broad selection styles, prices and capabilities for use in food service, waiting and reception, hospital and long-term-care patient and resident rooms, as well as in any application where extraordinary durability and function are required. 

Whether your need is for highly stackable metal-framed occasional seating, caster-equipped multi-purpose and dining chairs and tables, luxurious-appearing but incredibly durable lounge seating and tables, or specialized recliners, sleep chairs, gliders, and more, Wieland offers more than one can expect, designs which impress, comfort and sustain, with durability for a lifetime.
Wieland Transom Window stackable chair
Wieland Autumn chair w/front casters
Wieland Portal round back lounge chair
Wieland Frame chair w/contrasting finishes and upholsteries
Wieland Versant sleep chair, 48W sleep area
Wieland Transom stacking chair Wieland Autumn arm chair w/front casters Wieland Portal Round Back Lounge Chair Wieland Frame w/contrasting finishes and upholsteries Wieland Versant sleep chair w/48"w sleep area


Wieland Cove (l) and Wedgewood Patient Room Seating

Wieland Cove recliner and WedgeWood guest seating in a patient room

Wieland pioneered the concept of "renewability"... there should never be a reason why any Wieland furniture should ever end up in a landfill. Wieland lounge and upholstered furniture (such as the Cove recliner, left, and Loop seating, above left) can be modified and reupholstered on site, by maintenance personnel (as opposed to upholstery specialists); this feature, plus heavy-duty construction, steel-on-steel connectors, and  their 25-year warranty, ensures an essentially unlimited life span.
Wieland Bidge lounge chair, disassembled
Occasional seating, such as the WedgeWood, left, and Autumn, center left, feature on-site removable cushions, for their own style of renewabilty. Their 10-year no-questions-asked warranty offers continuing reassurance of Wieland commitment to user satisfaction. 

AmFab overbed tables provide solid, no-nonsense construction, combined with highly desirable feature and benefit combinations, at surprisingly low pricing.
AmFab 4950-U overbed table
AmFab 4950 cupholder and handle detail view
AmFab Model 4950-U overbed table AmFab Model 4950 detail

AmFab manufactures overbed and other steel tables for use in acute and long-term care facilities. 

AmFab tables are extraordinarily heavy-duty. They manufacture the only bariatric overbed table currently available, designed to sustain an evenly-distrubuted  load of 500 pounds (users often lean on their overbed tables). All AmFab tables are designed to move up automatically with the bed's upward movement, to prevent tipping or possible injury. 

Exceptionally solid, well-designed and constructed, AmFab tables are surprisingly economical, with models that perform the functions you need, with affordable pricing.. 

AmFab produces models with split tops (providing more usable surface area, and ensuring some area will be available when needed), and models with spill-containing tops, dual handles and dual cup holders with flexible tabs, easily removed for cleaning. The model at left incorporates all these features, and a vanity that opens to either side of the table top.
AmFab 4928-H w/vanity
AmFab 4850-H w/vanity
AmFab 4700 Bariatric overbed table AmFab 8400 two-way vanity
AmFab 4928-H overbed table AmFab 4850-H overbed table AmFab 4700 Bariatric overbed table AmFab 8400 dual acrylic mirror two-way vanity 

Workplace ergonomics 

An exceptional site on the subject, by a genuine authority and pioneer, Chris Grant of the University of Michigan.


If nothing else, look through this checklist: 


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